EconoDrain PT-2® Extra Heavy Duty Trench Drain System

EconoDrain PT-2® Extra Heavy Duty Trench Drain System is a complete pre-engineered trench drain forming system combining the features and advantages of our heavy duty EconoDrain® series with added load-carrying capability necessary for airports, seaports and intermodal facilities. The system includes EPS forms for both 8″ and 12″ trench widths plus an anchored grate frame and standard cast grates capable of FAA and extra heavy duty load capability. The grate frame and grate incorporate a 2-bolt lockdown design firmly securing the grate to the frame. The system is complemented by In-Line catch basin or 24″ x 24″ and 32” x 32” catch basin assembly. The PT-2 system, for all its added durability, loses none of the simplicity and economy of the original EconoDrain system, and it’s designed to fulfill any and all industrial site drainage needs.


  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Intermodal
  • Rail
  • Highway
  • Public Works
  • Military
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Loading Docks

The PT-2 system grate frame and grate incorporate a 2-bolt lockdown design firmly securing the grate to the frame (with optional center toggle locking device).

Design Flexibility and Customization

Design flexibility and customization of the EconoDrain and EconoDrain PT-2 Systems Is a major contributor to its uniqueness in the field of area drainage solutions.

The design team at MultiDrain Systems, Inc. is available to assist in establishing all necessary requirements for a custom or partially custom system resulting from changes in standard size, finish and slope of trench drain components.

EPS Trench Forms

  • Standard trench slope of 0.5% [1/2” of fall per eight (8) feet of run].
  • Standard trench widths of 8” and 12”.
  • Standard EPS form length is 8’
  • Custom slopes, widths, depths and length of runs are available.
  • Interlocking EPS forms provide additional stability of system during concrete pouring operations.
  • Standard trench geometry includes a hydraulically efficient radius bottom or an optional square bottom.
  • EPS Intersection kits make Tee’s and Ell’s fast and easy to install.
  • Pigmented form release helps assure overall and complete coverage.
  • Design facilitates easy and quick form stripping.
  • Deep channel form stabilization assures stability.
  • Pipe installation is quick and easy at outfall or outlet locations. Horizontal, vertical or in-between pipe outlets can be made anywhere along the EPS form length unlike other fixed outlet point systems requiring difficult and expensive stubbing and fabrication to match pipe to a fixed point.
  • EPS forms are easily field cut or mitered by the contractor to fit project specifications or make field alterations which are necessary from time to time.

Grate Frame

  • Standard finish is black polyester powder coating. Galvanized and stainless steel are optional.
  • Frame Rails are pre-drilled and extension nut and anchor affixed with temporary bolts for two point grate bolt down.
  • Grate Frames with factory welded spacer rods minimizing site assembly and setup. Spacer rods assure accurate frame width dimension and co-planar geometry.
  • Field assembled Steel Rails and Bolt-In-Place Spacer Bars, assure accurate frame width dimensions and co-planner geometry.
  • Anchor stands facilitate quick setup, permits easy grade adjustments, resist flotation forces and secures the grate frame, in addition to weld studs, into the surrounding concrete.
  • Standard grate frame length is 8’.
  • Frames are easily field cut by the contractor to fit project specifications or make field alterations which are necessary from time to time.
  • Interlocking Frame Brackets provide alignment, accuracy and ease of installation.
  • Miters are easily field cut.


  • Standard grates are Extra Heavy Duty PT-2, ductile iron grates capable of FAA AC 150 5320-6D Part 5 Appendix 3 load conditions (AASHTO M306, HS25)
  • Grate finish is Uncoated, optional hot dip galvanized.
  • The grate is secured to the frame by a 2-bolt lockdown pattern or optional center toggle and lockdown pattern or optional center toggle and locking device.

Catch Basins

  • Both In-Line and square catch basins available providing a complete system.
  • Catch Basins install using same procedures and materials as the trench drain.
  • Catch Basin debris strainers are an available option.



  • Available in Standard and Custom trench widths, depths and slopes.
  • Catch Basins available for complete system.
  • Continually sloped trench runs from 288’ up to 320’ are achievable. A center catch basin layout effectively doubles this distance.


  • 8’ Interlocking EPS forms enhance stability and speed installation.
  • Grate frame anchor stands provide quick easy grade adjustments.
  • EPS form design installs and strips quickly after the concrete pour.
  • EconoDrain PT-2 can be installed in a fraction of the time required to install conventional form-and-pour trenches or pre-cast polymer concrete trench systems.
  • Unlike other systems — EconoDrain PT-2 installs in one pour.


  • Only 3 components — EPS Forms, Grate Frame & Grate
  • No special tools or installation devices required.
  • Outlet connections at any angle.


  • Patented rebar installation/leveling system
  • Welded Grate Frame spacers
  • Bolt-In-Place Spacer Bars
  • Pre-sloped interlocking forms
  • Deep channel form stabilization.


  • Cost efficiency realized in purchase cost and installation labor and time.


  • EconoDrain PT-2 is always installed with a grate frame thus eliminating surface spall and load impact damage experienced with polymer concrete inlay channel layouts.
  • EconoDrain PT-2 standard grate is FAA Rated, AASHTO HS25.